Beyond Ben Graham

Benjamin Graham is renowned as the “Father of Value Investing.”
In the 1920s, he asked: Is there a better way to invest?
His answer made him a legend on Wall Street.
He became the greatest mutual fund manager of all time but happiness eluded him.

Ben Graham with blog author, May 1967

Benjamin Graham—the “father of value investing” — led a surprising life.

How did the aloof inventor of security analysis become this smiling, friendly grandfather? I’m Ben Graham’s granddaughter and I created BeyondBenGraham to tell the whole story. Melding Ben’s writings with family letters and my own memories and insights, I trace the remarkable evolution of the man whom Warren Buffett calls his hero.

Forbes put Ben Graham at the top of its list of all-time greatest mutual fund managers. Warren Buffett deemed Graham’s timeless classic, The Intelligent Investor, “the best book on investing ever written.” Despite his success, Ben Graham’s brilliant contributions to finance didn’t protect him from failed marriages or family tragedy.

Ben Graham stayed optimistic, embodied kindness, and lived with gusto. He showed us that we, too, can channel our biggest challenges into grit and growth. I stand in awe that he evolved into the grandfather I knew, who radiated contentment.

My blog gives you an unimpeded view of the setbacks and searching that spurred him to change his life. I invite you to bear witness to Ben Graham’s struggles and share in his hard-earned wisdom. Step into the extraordinary journey of this investment icon, whose legacy inspires a worldwide community of value investors, financial managers, and seekers of healing and happiness.

Finding Your Way Around
Beyond Ben Graham

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Shortly after my husband and I settled ourselves in the conference room at Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett ambled through the door, dressed in a white mock turtleneck under a cornflower blue V-neck sweater. Belying the whiteness of his tousled hair, Mr. Buffett’s pale blue eyes shone with youthful eagerness as he remembered how my grandfather, Ben Graham, offered him a job in 1954.

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